Superb wine borne from ancient lands

Our home for 800 years

At te Pā, the land has been the backbone of our family for 800 years. It's the heart of who we are, and all that we do. We'd like you to share that sense of time, place and belonging: Welcome to te Pā.

Our home is in Marlborough, New Zealand, a place of free-draining soils and bountiful climate. We let nature do what it does best, because by taking care of the land, the land takes care of us. This thinking led us to plant vines in the early years of the millennium, releasing our first vintage in 2011 to critical acclaim.

“We’re all just spokes in the wheel”

From our mother's family, we embrace this expression. It's about respecting people as well as the land. About listening. And offering people what they deserve. It's also about innovation and honesty. Our mother's gentle dignity and our independent spirit come together – in every bottle of te Pā read more