Haysley MacDonald

No matter where I travel, I always think of home, says Haysley MacDonald – Director & Proprietor of te Pā Wines. 

Born and bred on the Wairau Bar in sun-soaked Marlborough, Haysley MacDonald knew that the family land he grew up on offered infinite potential, and that with time, grapes would flourish and produce exceptional New World wines. 

Driven by a bold vision of producing a range of premium New Zealand wines that would connect the taste of te Pā with wine lovers all over the world, Haysley planted his first vines on the Bar in 2003. In 2011, with a powerful story, bountiful and productive land, and a rich family heritage, te Pā Wines was launched. 

Haysley’s had a pivotal role in shaping many of the MacDonald family’s companies including successful agriculture and contracting ventures, so naturally he has overseen and managed all viticultural development and te Pā’s evolution into a modern, export-oriented wine business. 

Backed by a solid management team and internationally experienced winemakers, Haysley is now spearheading the acquisition and growth phase for the globally distributed and award-winning te Pā Wines range.

But no matter where he travels in the world, Haysley always thinks of home. 

Terroir unlike any other: The Wairau Bar

It all began here. Around 1350 AD, it is said, the first canoes rode the crashing waves of the Wairau Bar in to the Wairau river mouth. People set foot…

Haysley MacDonald

No matter where I travel, I always think of home, says Haysley MacDonald – Director & Proprietor of te Pā Wines. 

Chinese language

This section is for Chinese language speakers who want to learn more about the Marlborough wine region. Thanks to NZ Wine Growers for these resources. …

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About our logo: Hei Matau

Our logo speaks to who we are as a family, as a people, and as an award-winning wine producer.  

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Sam Bennett

“Great wine is all about respect.  Respect for the fruit, respect for the land, and respect for the people and the process.” Sam Bennett…

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Our Place: The lay of the land

At te Pā, there’s a sense that the whole valley leads to us; carved over many millennia by the Wairau River.

Our Place: Flora & Fauna

For generations, we have made the most of the mighty Wairau River which runs through our land. 

Gareth Exton

“The best vintage starts with an understanding of where you are.” Gareth Exton – Vineyard Manager

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A way of life

“We fish the river and out to sea. My grandfather did exactly the same thing. Nothing’s changed,”  reflects Phillip MacDonald,…

Our family history

Over the years, we have been many things. Fishermen, farmers, horticulturists — and now, winemakers. Yet while we will always embrace change, we…

te Pā today

Our ancestors knew the value of family and connection with the land. That hasn’t changed. As Philip reflects, “At the end of the day we’re…

te Pā – our home for 800 years

At te Pā, the land has been the backbone of our family for 800 years. It's the heart of who we are, and all that we do. We'd like you to share that sense…