te Pā Resources

We have collated these files for your use. While we retain all copyrights, you are free to use them in connection with promoting te Pā wines. 

te Pā Brand Photography

Here you'll find a list of images that can be used to promote te Pā Wines. We retain full copyright of all images (unlawful use will be prosecuted).

te Pā Logos

The te Pā logo on white and black background in various sizes.

te Pā Promotional Material

This material is for distributors, stockists, and media. For assistance on how to use the files, or if you would like additional material, imagery or information…

te Pā Bottle Shots

Bottle images of all the Pā varietals to use for promotion of our wines.

te Pā Tasting Notes

Tasting notes (PDF) of all available te Pā wines.