Montford Estate Wines

Montford Estate is our newest collection of wines, offering a true taste of New Zealand's rural heartland. Honest, expressive, and with a beautiful…

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te Pā range of wines

Awarded, acclaimed, and loved by critics and customers alike, te Pā is our flagship range of wines.  The release of our first ever…

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Pā Road range of wines

For over 800 years, Haysley MacDonald's family has journeyed along Pā Road in the heart of Marlborough. This road, steeped in history, connects the…

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Koha range of wines

The Koha range brought to you by te Pa Wines, epitomises the relaxed yet refined Kiwi lifestyle, espousing the values and quality of one of…

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Our vineyards

Seen from the air, te Pā is really an island, cut from the mainland by river and flood canal. We think of this as our own oasis - our very own Manhattan…

Our wines: In tune with people and land

It's easy to be in tune when you listen. By being able and willing to listen, we look after people and give them what they want. 

The taste and character

Our wines are artfully blended from fruits harvested from some of the best vineyards in Marlborough.