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te Pa featured in the Korean Sommelier Times

  • by Mikela Dennison

South Korea is one of the fastest growing and most exciting markets for New Zealand wine, in the world. It's a key emerging market for us, and we're looking forward to some great brand promotions there in the coming months. 

So we are delighted to be featured in a fantastic article on the Sommelier Times website: 


Te Pa, located in the Wairau region of Marlborough, New Zealand, is a winery led by winemaker Haysley Macdonald. Inspired by the eco-friendly philosophy of the Maori, New Zealand's indigenous people, who live in harmony with nature, Te Pa produces wines that "capture the terroir" of this pristine region.

'Te Pa Sauvignon Blanc' is a wine characterized by aromas of lime, grapefruit zest, passion fruit, and elderflower, along with a fresh finish. The symbol on the wine label depicts the traditional fishhook shape of the Maori people of New Zealand. This expresses the 800-year history of the Maori people who have formed a close bond with nature, and it could be an attractive story and point for camping and glamping lovers who go into nature for relaxation.

Editor Kim Dong-yeol: This wine reminds me of the clear and bright New Zealand. The clear color of the straw adds a refreshing feeling. The salty taste and aroma remind me of the sea, and the green grapes, lime, and a hint of lemon provide harmony. It has a lively feeling like fresh live fish dancing and a taste that seems to relieve fatigue. You can enjoy the clean and bright New Zealand even at a nearby campsite. 

Kim Ha-neul, Reporter: It has a bright yellow color with a slight greenish tint, and you can feel the gooseberry and green leaf scents that are characteristic of Sauvignon Blanc, and the acidity that hits until the end is refreshing and cool. The slightly perceptible oak scent seems to match with food with a slight smoky flavor or grilled fish that seems to be burnt a little roughly. This feeling seems to be more fun to match with camping fish dishes that are a little clumsy but have a romantic taste compared to restaurant dishes prepared by well-trained chefs. Grilled clams, spicy octopus dishes with a smoky flavor, and tteokbokki would also be great partners. 

Reporter Yoo Seong-ho: A charming wine with a mysterious blend of refreshing lime, exotic passion fruit, and tropical fruit notes like pineapple. The rich minerality and crispiness felt in the wine seem to go well with salad or soft cheese. This is the perfect wine for those who come to glamping and want to enjoy light food rather than heavy food. If there is a large mart on the way to glamping, I recommend buying a ricotta cheese salad with balsamic sauce, and if it is a convenience store, I recommend buying string cheese in addition to the salad product with sauce and adding it as a topping.

Reporter Do Yoon: Te Pa has the advantage of being easy to open anytime, anywhere with a screw cap. It has a green and lemon color and a tropical fruit aroma of citrus, grapefruit, kiwi, mango, and passion fruit, as well as a good balance of grass, elderflower, and minerality, providing an attractive taste and aroma. It is also recommended with dishes such as salads and seafood, and if you eat it with white meat barbecue or fried food such as pork belly at a campsite, the refreshing and fresh characters of the wine will cleanly wash away the oily taste.


We have several of our wine brands available through different channels in South Korea, including our flagship te Pa brand, as well as our Pa Road, Koha, and Montford Estate wines. Get in touch to find your local retailer today! 





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